Process solutions, energy solutions and powertrain solutions

The iph Hähn company is an equipment and plant manufacturer with special expertise in the fields of process technology, energy technologies and powertrain solutions. We are proud to announce that our industrial solutions are well-respected across 4 continents.

Get to know the outstanding potentials of our products and services

We invite you to learn more about our technologies, our services and our reliability. All units can be deliverd in modular concept and fit at your convenience in the existing facilities. Aside from that we offer contract production (chemical and mechanical productions) and engineering on the highest level.

Gain independence for your fabrication, win safety for your business and ensure the efficiency.

The iph Hähn company

The company was founded in 2016 and is a growing business ever since. The registered office is located in the beautiful Rhineland in the north of the German state Rhineland-Palatinate. 

We realized small- and large-scale projects both nationally and internationally. Our reliability and expertise is confirmed by standing customers.

Rising costs, the scarcity of raw materials and environmental topics demand smart answers and innovative technologies for a strong economy and a future worth living. We meet these increasing requirements with our expertise and innovative spirit.

Economic viability and technical reliability are the basis of our products.

Highest technical expertise, a creative mind and innovative spirit: our solutions are well-respected across 4 continents.

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