Power generators

Our SEA-H series power generation systems are available in design variants for mobile or stationary applications. Hydrogen serves as the energy carrier.

Mobile and stationary hydrogen-based power generation

The SEA series includes various sizes of mobile and stationary generators.

In the basic configuration, the plants are designed for stand-alone operation, i.e. they supply the consumers directly. With additional modules, the plants can also operate as emergency power plants or in grid-parallel operation

As plug-and-use systems, the plants are immediately ready for operation. In addition to our proven standard designs for various needs, we also offer customized systems.

 Regular power generation 

Emergency power 

 Mobile power supply 

 Can also be used on ships and work equipment 

 Can be operated as a combined heat and power plant (CHP) through optional extensions

Our mobile plug-and-use plants for energy supply and water treatment ensure high flexibility

Your benefits

⁣⁣ Compact unit with built-in tank 

 Robust design for industry and disaster control 

 No hazardous chemicals, therefore no WHG 

 Mobile as well as stationary use 

 Plug and use systems 

 No noise and no harmful emissions 

 Very low maintenance