Fuel cell systems

Power pacs hähn hydrogen

Power pacs are the core element of a fuel cell. They contain the fuel cell stack as well as the most important auxiliary units, e.g. the control system.

  In addition to our turnkey fuel cell products, the mobile power generators and the stationary CHP units, our Power Pacs are also available separately ⁣ 

They are used, for example, in heavy-duty transport, ships, aircraft, construction machinery or work machines, power generators, trains, power plants, etc., where they replace the combustion engine.

Our stacks are manufactured in-house by highly qualified personnel and with correspondingly high quality control. All components are subject to constant further development.

In addition to small and large power sizes, various module designs are also available. Individual solutions are also offered by hähn hydrogen.

Mobile fuel cell power generators

The hähn hydrogen mobile power generators are turnkey fuel cell technology with a modern power pac as the core element.

Hydrogen or methanol are used as fuels. In the case of methanol, a methanol reformer is built in, which converts the methanol back into hydrogen. 

In their basic configuration, the plants are designed for stand-alone operation, i.e. they supply the consumers directly. With additional modules, the plants can also operate as emergency power systems or in grid-parallel operation. 

As plug-and-use systems, the plants are immediately ready for operation. In addition to our proven standard designs for various needs, we also offer customized systems.

  Regular power generation and emergency power 

  Mobile power supply 


  Can also be used on ships and work equipment 

  Robust designs for industry and disaster control

  Compact units with built-in tank

  No noise, no harmful emissions 

  Very low maintenance

The SEA series includes various sizes of mobile generators. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Data sheets are available on request!

hähn hydrogen power generator SEA-H: Mobile plug-and-use power supply systems ensure high flexibility

Stationary fuel cell combined heat and power units (CHP units)

The hähn hydrogen CHP series is similar to our mobile power generators. Hydrogen or methanol are also used as fuels. The core element here is also a modern power pac; in the case of methanol as fuel, a methanol reformer is used.

The difference to our mobile power generators is that our CHP units are installed stationary and ensure a heat extraction at 70°C. 

The CHP series includes different power classes. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Data sheets are available on request!

hähn hydrogen 46 kW fuel cell CHP, flexibly applicable