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Hydrogen fuel cells

   September 2023

Hähn hydrogen was commissioned with the basic design for the conversion of a diesel-powered ship. The ship will be equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell drive. Hähn hydrogen is supplying the fuel cells as well as the shore-side refueling infrastructure including electrolysis.

Water treatment 100 MW electrolysis

   July 2023

As part of an engineering contract from an internationally active plant manufacturer, we designed an ultrapure water plant to supply a 100 MW electrolysis plant, including treatment of the recirculate. 

The German end customer is one of the largest energy suppliers in Central Europe.

Methanol synthesis

  ⁣July 2023

A demo Power-to-X plant based on the methanol synthesis process is currently under development as part of a collaboration with energy supply companies.


The hydrogen required for this, as well as the necessary water treatment and the methanol synthesis plant itself, are supplied by Hähn. The required carbon is supplied in the form of CO2 by tanker truck.

⁣⁣      The methanol produced is to be sold to supply ships and emergency power systems.


News articles: Water, the material of the future? (German)

   6/2023 PDF

Company introduction. Dossier Infrastruktur 

Source: WIRTSCHAFT – die regionale Wirtschaftszeitung der Rhein-Zeitung

News article

Purification of production wastewater

   June 2023

As part of an engineering contract, a wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of approx. 100 m3/h was planned for the purification of highly contaminated chemical wastewater. 


The processes and design drawings were provided to the international chemical company by hähn water treatment. The implementation was carried out by the customer's own workshop.

   Compared to the previous process, considerable amounts of chemicals and energy could be saved. It was also possible to discharge the wastewater directly into a neighboring watercourse.


Material recovery

   May 2023

As part of a process development for an American company, a fine-particle recyclable material is recovered from process water with a high alkaline content.

Hydrogen plant in Rhineland-Palatinate

​​   April 2023

Towards the future: a hydrogen plant is to be built in northern Rhineland-Palatinate to supply the region. hähn hydrogen was selected as the supplier of the entire plant technology. In the first construction phase, 2MW PEM electrolysers including peripherals are planned.


The electrolysis plant would ensure the independent supply of oxygen and hydrogen to local businesses and facilities. The plant thus ensures regional competitiveness, expands the region's value creation potential and strengthens the business location of northern Rhineland-Palatinate. News articles have been published. hähn hydrogen will keep you updated.

Three locations have been shortlisted.


New heating plant and industrial heating network

   January 2023 (2019-2023)

For the company Sägewerk van Roje in Oberhonnefeld, the planning and construction of a new heating plant with a thermal output of 8 MW was carried out.


Wood from landscape conservation is used as fuel. The scope of the project included the installation and expansion of an industrial heating network, the construction of wood drying chambers and the installation of a chip drying plant. The project also included modifications to an existing heating plant and the construction of a new production line. Due to the large scope of the project, the work was carried out over a period of 6 years. 

The services provided by hähn included process and plant engineering through to construction supervision and commissioning of the systems.


33 MW electrolysis

   June 2022

On behalf of a group of investors, hähn hydrogen is investigating the installation of a 33MW hydrogen PEM electrolysis plant on the site of a Belgian chemical company in Germany as part of a basic engineering project.

Reference system for several locations

  April 2022

The project for the Königswinter plant comprised the concept, basic and detailed engineering and construction supervision of a process water treatment plant.


The process circulation water, which contains fine material that hardens quickly, is produced at a rate of 150 m3/h. Due to the influence of the product, particular attention had to be paid to the necessary qualities and the lowest possible operating and procurement costs. A physical-chemical process was implemented. It was possible to achieve high quality and stable operation.

  The customer's hopes were clearly exceeded. This system also serves as a reference system for the component suppliers. The same system is to be transferred to other locations.


Energy generation from plant wastewater treatment plant

   January 2022

A large chemical plant has once again awarded a contract to hähn water treatment. The subject of the work will be the assessment and process engineering calculations of the plant's own wastewater treatment plant in Bad Hönningen.

Saving several thousand tons of CO2 per year

   January 2022

hähn water treatment has received another order from one of its long-standing customers. As part of the water management of a large chemical plant of the company Kandelium, the wastewater temperature is to be reduced before discharge.


  Update December 2022

A plate heat exchanger was installed in the wastewater flow. In this way, the heat that would otherwise have been generated at great expense using natural gas can be put to good use. The solution from hähn water treatment saves several thousand tons of CO2. With a one-off investment, the customer gains annual savings in the mid double-digit million range.


New chemical plant


As part of an extended basic engineering project, a new chemical plant in China was planned on behalf of the company Zschimmer und Schwarz. The work involved process engineering, plant construction and the conceptual steel construction of the 3-storey chemical production facility.

New pharmaceutical plant


On behalf of the company Biotechnologie Jennewein, Hähn carried out the planning and construction supervision of a new pharmaceutical tank facility including a WHG tank and tank truck unloading stations.

The basic planning for the planned new plant in Bad Hönningen was also carried out. The process engineering and plant engineering trades were part of the scope of services. Approx. 200 employees were to work at the site during subsequent operation.

Industrial water purification


The project for the Clariant plant in Lahnstein comprised the concept, basic and detailed engineering of a process wastewater treatment plant. The highly contaminated process wastewater is produced at a rate of 40-100 m3/h.


As a direct discharger, particular attention had to be paid to the necessary qualities and the lowest possible operating and procurement costs. A physical-chemical process with a subsequent activated carbon stage was implemented.


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