Hydrogen production with electrolysers

In first place! Hydrogen is the first element of the periodic table and offers incomparable technological possibilities. We offer you hydrogen production via our PEM electrolysers.

Areas of application

Oxygen and hydrogen production | Power-to-X | Process gas | Energy storage | Fuel, and many more

Electrolysers: Hydrogen production for your needs

Electrolysers enable the decentralized and demand-adapted production of hydrogen - even on a small scale. 

In electrolysis, water is split using electrical energy. The resulting hydrogen is then available for various applications. Hydrogen is always present as a molecule (H2). In addition to hydrogen, oxygen (O2) and waste heat are produced, which can also be used profitably.

Our plants work with PEM technology and are available as compact and container plants. If required, we also supply the corresponding periphery, such as gas storage systems. 

The company iph Hähn has been working on hydrogen technologies since its foundation. The energy crisis was foreseeable for a long time. Our expertise has grown over the years and we are happy to be at your side with our detailed knowledge and solutions.

General information about hydrogen

Under normal conditions on our home planet, hydrogen exists as a molecule (H2) and is a colorless and odorless gas. It can be obtained from simple water by electrolysis of water in an electrolyser using electrical energy. Due to the expansion of renewable energies, electrolysers for the production of green hydrogen are becoming increasingly important. In the context of high energy prices, industry has been showing interest in hydrogen technology for years, and the current energy crisis underscores the importance of these technologies.

By means of hydrogen technology not only extremely energy-intensive industrial processes, e.g. in steel production, can be supplied. Our energy system, the chemical industry and mobility can also effectively use these advantages. 

Due to its storage capability and high specific energy density, large amounts of energy can be stored for months. By using renewable energy, this is the most climate-friendly method of large-scale energy storage. 

Hydrogen can also be used directly as an additive energy carrier in the conventional natural gas grid or converted back into electricity using fuel cells or combustion engines (stationary and mobile power generators).

Countless opportunities arise from dual use across sectors. Regenerating electricity via fuel cells or combustion processes in engines and using it to power industrial trucks, buses or other areas of mobility and propulsion technology is one possibility. Power-to-X technologies also hold innumerable potentials for operational use. Hydrogen is used here in chemical production plants to manufacture low-CO2 synthetic fuels or basic chemicals. 

Hydrogen technologies have been known in industrial circles for decades. Until now, however, they have had a shadowy existence and their potential was hardly known in depth to the general public. At the latest since the adoption of the National Hydrogen Strategy of the Federal Government 2020, the hydrogen economy has also moved back into the focus of politics. Especially since the beginning of the current energy crisis, the industry has experienced a radical change accompanied by a growing demand for the technologies and for the potentials that the technology specifically holds for each customer. The company iph Hähn GmbH is in the front. Be it as well.

hähn hydrogen Elektrolyseure: Modell EL 8 - V1

Your benefits

  Modular systems with various options - expandable at any time 

  Robust industrial design 

  No hazardous chemicals, therefore no WHG 

  No compression, no compressor required 

  Plug and use systems

  Suitable peripheral systems are also available from us

Due to the high volatility of hydrogen gas, there is less risk in practice than with natural gas

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